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Compliance Facts You Need to Know

The price of independent contractor misclassification can be high. The lines between employees and independent contractors can get blurred so you need to ensure you know the difference and file them correctly.

Direct Sourcing KPIs

In our last post, we discussed direct sourcing and how to control the candidate's journey. In this week’s post, we will discuss direct sourcing and how to track its effectiveness, along with the entire recruitment process, by implementing and tracking direct sourcing key performance indicators.

Claiming Ownership of the Candidate Journey through Direct Sourcing

Talent Acquisition used to be like casting a net into a populated fishing hole, then sorting through the tires and boots to find your perfect candidate. Not only was this time consuming and tedious for the recruiting team, the candidate journey was disrupted, creating orphaned and mismatched candidates and disgruntled perspectives of the company brand. With the introduction of direct sourcing technology to the Talent Acquisition equation, money is saved, time is secured, and the candidate journey is enhanced. So put up your poles, wrap up your nets – it’s time to claim the candidate journey and hire the right fit every time.

Using Independent Contractors in California After AB2257

Assembly Bill 2257 (“AB 2257”) was signed into law on September 4, 2020, a mere 247 days after AB5 went into effect. AB 2257 repealed and replaced AB5, Read ICON's blog for more information on what this new bill will mean to hiring entites and independent contractors.

Workforce Diversity - How to Take the First Step

With remote working becoming more acceptable, it is also becoming a valid method for increasing diversity in the workforce. ICON has powerful recruiting tools to help build out your workforce, even in geographically challenging areas. Read more tips about how we can help you reach your diversity targets.

The Agile Workplace - Gig workers

The talent landscape has become increasingly more substantial over the past few years. Workers are in perpetual search of meaningful engagements that reflect their core values. ICON is positioned to help companies just like yours with onboarding, candidate communication, and compliance automation in this new “gig economy.”

Attracting Top Talent: Why a Job Description Is More Important Than You Think

People don’t want to settle for just any old job. They want to be engaged and excited about going to work. Hiring top talent begins with attracting top talent. A job seeker’s first impression of your company will likely be a job description. Read on to learn our top 3 components for an awesome job description.

Return-to-Work: Managing Expectations (Yours & Theirs)

As people begin to filter back in to the workplace, risk of infection, the excitement and anxiety may prove for a bumpy ride and hinder overall productivity. In the face of this transition, it will be extremely important to manage expectations, both in what your organization expects in regards to returning to work as well as how your organization will support the varying needs and concerns of those returning.

The Agile Workplace: Telecommuting

With COVID-19, most companies have implemented large-scale work from home initiatives. Now that many states are reopening and employees are starting to trickle back into the office, what lessons can employers draw from the world’s largest work-from-home experiment?

COVID-19 Impacts on Labor Laws

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the rules governing wages and hourly pay are being updated continuously. Read this article for reference sites and how to keep up-to-date on current regulations.