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Direct Sourcing KPIs

In our last post, we discussed direct sourcing and how to control the candidate's journey. In this week’s post, we will discuss direct sourcing and how to track its effectiveness, along with the entire recruitment process, by implementing and tracking direct sourcing key performance indicators.

Claiming Ownership of the Candidate Journey through Direct Sourcing

Talent Acquisition used to be like casting a net into a populated fishing hole, then sorting through the tires and boots to find your perfect candidate. Not only was this time consuming and tedious for the recruiting team, the candidate journey was disrupted, creating orphaned and mismatched candidates and disgruntled perspectives of the company brand. With the introduction of direct sourcing technology to the Talent Acquisition equation, money is saved, time is secured, and the candidate journey is enhanced. So put up your poles, wrap up your nets – it’s time to claim the candidate journey and hire the right fit every time.

Workforce Diversity - How to Take the First Step

With remote working becoming more acceptable, it is also becoming a valid method for increasing diversity in the workforce. ICON has powerful recruiting tools to help build out your workforce, even in geographically challenging areas. Read more tips about how we can help you reach your diversity targets.

How to Retain Your Top Talent

Many employers become too focused on filling a specific position for a specific, short-term project or application, forgetting about the long-term need of building a stable and loyal workforce. Even for contingent employees, there is always the need to retain talent and build loyalty. Read more about how to retain your top talent.

Having a Contingent Workforce - Is it worth it?

Using contract workers offers many benefits including cost and time savings. Contact ICON to explore how to save money and manage a contingent worker program effectively.

Sick Leave... It's Not as Easy as it Looks

Have you reviewed your leave policies lately? If not, now is the time. States (and cities and counties) across the nation are passing paid sick leave laws at an ever increasing pace and this trend is moving full steam ahead.

Which Interview Style is Best for This Role?

You have posted your open role, screened resumes, and narrowed down applications to a qualified pool of candidates. Now it’s time to schedule interviews. What type of interview and style should you use?