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Payrolling Compliance
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Payroll Compliance Services

Quite simply, payroll compliance means following the legal framework of laws and regulations governing the treatment and payment of all types of workers, such as hourly workers, salary workers, gig workers, independent contractors, freelancers, and more. Payroll compliance is an essential responsibility for payrolling firms and HR and payroll professionals as it protects a business from any penalties that may be levied from non-compliance.

There's no shortage of struggles when it comes to payroll. Failing to comply with federal and state requirements can result in severe penalties and more. On top of this, payroll tax filing across multiple states can be challenging, particularly when complex employee situations are layered on top. That is why ICON is proud to be one of the largest Employer of Record (EOR) in the US. ICON understands compliance.

If your company is one of the many across the US and Canada who find it difficult to be consistently compliant, contact us to discuss our EOR Services.

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Payroll Compliance and Record Keeping

Here are the essential compliance and record-keeping requirements that ICON handles on your behalf:

- Records for the Federal Labor Standards Act (FLSA) The FLSA requires employers to track and record payroll and employee records for at least 3 years.  Additionally, each state has its own special requirements.  

- Determination of Overtime Exemption ICON determines if an employee should receive overtime according to the FLSA rules.

- Determination of Worker Classification ICON has the most advanced, proprietary software for determining if a worker should be classified as an employee or an Independent Contractor.

- SSN Verification ICON verifies SSN numbers for all consultants.

- E-Verify - Employment Verification ICON uses E-verify to confirm whether or not a consultant is able to work in the US. This verifies a consultant’s identity and employment eligibility by electronically matching the information provided by the consultant on an I-9 Form with federal records.

- New Hire Reporting ICON reports all new hires to their state of residence within 20 calendar days after hiring or by the first regularly scheduled payroll following the date of hire. This applies to rehires as well.

- Employee Forms ICON works with you to understand what client-specific employee forms are needed to be signed during the onboarding process. In addition to employee forms, W4 forms, I-9 forms, and state-specific forms are all actioned during the onboarding process. All forms are stored electronically.

- Year-End Support ICON provides all year-end tax and document support to consultants and independent contractors.


Thinking of making the switch to an EOR payroll provider? There is a lot to consider when handling payroll compliance. ICON has been in the business for over 23 years, providing the most up-to-date services and recommendations. Speak with one of our EOR specialists today.

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