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EOR Services
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Employer of Record/Payroll Services

W2 Payrolling Services

EOR Services

As the payroll consultant for thousands of clients across the nation and Canada, we work with our clients to seamless integrate hours, new hires, benefits, offboarding – everything! Companies with multiple EINs understand the complexities of handling payroll, taxes and regulations.  At ICON Consultants, we import payroll data from virtually any system or third-party application. We have an online processing solution that combined with a high touch approach, allowing customization and paperless processing. Benefits of using ICON include outstanding employee care and management, cost and time savings, increased data security, and customization.

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Depending upon when the last time you checked, it may be time to review your services with your current payroll provider and compare them with our service offering. Overall savings in terms of money and time are important. We typically save customers 4% by switching services. Also important is the ability to customize the type of benefits offered and the level of analytics provided. ICON has complete flexibility in the type of benefit packages created, onboarding services provided and reporting. Finally choosing a modern payroll service includes understanding how it works with your data security requirements.  We take data security seriously and will walk you through our high-tech security process to make sure that there is not a data breach.  


We develop a metrics-driven approach using KPIs and SLAs to drive performance across all services. Key areas of focus include candidate quality, speed to source, savings, and contractor compliance. Click here to contact ICON today about your payrolling, saving time and money and keeping your data secure. 


ICON's top priority is providing the highest possible level of care to our contractors (payroll employees of our clients).  With this in mind, ICON does not operate an offshore customer service call center as we prefer a high-touch, U.S. based, centralized approach to providing contractor services. We have built our processes to ensure that, even virtually, we can provide a high-touch model of services to our contractors throughout the U.S. and Canada. 


From the point of onboarding through the end of the assignment and beyond, ICON ensures that there is a dedicated, well-trained, and highly tenured professional available to help support and manage the contractors' onboarding process and on-going assignment needs. ICON’s approach ensures that our Clients retain key talent, and our consultants have access to the best customer service available on the market.  It is important that our consultants’ experience throughout the onboarding phase and lifecycle of the assignment is positive and smooth as we believe this is a crucial component in enhancing retention and Client satisfaction. ICON values the engagement experience and customer satisfaction of both our Clients and our consultants;  our company culture is to create a positive environment for all parties in order to foster an on-going, mutually beneficial working relationship. 


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ICON's electronic onboarding and document management tool offers a step-by-step, task driven onboarding experience, in which the contractor will log in and be able to complete the onboarding process from any computer, one step at a time, with clear instructions.  ICON's Onboarding Coordination team is available to walk each new contractor through this process both via phone and email. With an easy onboarding process, our contractor dropout rate is low and satisfaction with the process is high. 


Should the need arise for ICON to deploy an on-site representative at any of the listed locations, ICON would be happy to accommodate the request. ICON provides white-glove, high-touch service throughout the payrollee’s onboarding process and the lifecycle of the assignment. A U.S. based, well-trained representative is available for all inquiries including W4 changes, direct deposit changes, any changes to personal records, time management inquiries, payment inquiries, contract inquires, and any questions or concerns related to the Consultant’s assignment while working at your office. 


During Onboarding, a dedicated ICON point of contact is assigned to each new consultant for the entire process. We have a web-based user-friendly onboarding system for seamless and quick onboarding, with no documents stored outside of the system. Policy compliance and streamlined processes ensure that the Consultant has completed all ICON and Client required documentation prior to the start of the assignment.  

ICON can capture all of our Client’s pre-identified candidates as payrollees within our program in order to leverage volume and achieve cost savings. ICON brings value to the W2 Consultant and to the Client by providing the following services: 

- White-glove, high-touch service

- Web-based system for onboarding and document management which allows for a streamlined, smooth onboarding experience

- Quick turnaround of employee readiness for work

-  Policy compliance

- ACA-compliant medical benefits, dental, vision, 401k, commuter benefits, flex spending benefits, and more

- Weekly ACH (electronic) payments

- Dedicated ICON resource for all customer service inquiries                                                                                

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